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Unique Keepsake Box

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This is a unique new box. The top panel is Quarter sawn sycamore with an outstanding grain pattern that reminded me of a sunrise in our area. The body of the box is walnut with walnut dovetail keys. the handle is again quarter sawn sycamore. The finish is my standard Danish oil followed with multiple coats of shellac. The box has a gloss finish. The interior is lined with a faux tan suede.

Custom Calligraphy Pen Box

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I was recently commissioned to build a presentation box for a set of Calligraphy Reed Pens. This turned out to be a challenge at the end, the hinges caused me a bit of a headache but it turned out well in the end. The customer has not seen the finished box yet, but loved the in progress photos I sent. I will deliver it tomorrow. I may make a series of these if there is enough demand. The box is solid walnut with Wenge dovetail key and accents to the top panel. there is a small lift out tray for an eye loop and ink bottle. The finish is Shellac with a coat of wax. I went with the shellac because it is easy to repair if something happens to the box. The box and tray is lined with black velvet. The box is fitted with solid brass stopped hinges.

Faux Walnut and Maple box

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This has to be one of my favorite images of my work. This box was actually a prototype for future boxes. The body of the box comes from left over pieces from a chair I was trying to make (that didn't work out too well) It is one of the few times I have actually dyed a wood . The sides are poplar dyed to look like walnut. The lid and the legs are curly maple.

Wenge Zebra Wood Jewelry Box

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This box is a one of a kind for my shop, there will not be another make. The body of the box is Wenge with the floating panel lit mad from Zebra wood. Both are tropical hardwoods which are difficult to work and expensive. The box bottom, trays and dividers are made with Ambrosia  Maple, a domestic hard wood but rare. The box has an oil finish with a coat of hand rubbed wax.. The  splines and handle are made of Zebra wood Box size is roughly 8"x 12 1/2"x4 1/2"

Bread Board

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This is one of my wife's favorites. This bread board is made from Purple Heart and Maple with a food safe walnut oil or mineral oil finish. I am currently out of stock at this time, please check the store for availability.
Size: exact size varies from board to board. Typical Length is 26 inches long, 6 1/2 inches long handle included in that measurement; Width is 6 1/2 inches This item is available on a special order basis. Please contact me for details.

Walnut Bible Box

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This box was made as a wedding gift for my Nephew and his new wife. The box is made to fit the bible selected with about 1 inch additional room on the top and side to be able to lift the bible out. The box is solid walnut and finished with a base coat of Danish oil and then several layers of shellac and a final rub of wax.

Padauk and Maple Valet

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This has been popular over the last few years but I have developed a bit of a reaction to the Padauk's dust. I only make these on special occasions or on special order. The Padauk has wonderful color, it starts off almost an orange/red then like cherry, it will darken in the light to a deep reddish brown. If you are interested in having one, please contact me for availability and pricing.

Mahogany and Wenge Matched Pair of Keeping Boxes

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I made these boxes loosely based on a plan I saw in a magazine. I have always had a soft spot for these, it was my first experience with Wenge. Wenge is a very hard, brittle wood with open pores. It is difficult to work but takes oil finishes very well and can be as dark as ebony but with the pores and grain similar to oak. The lids and sides are hand worked curves.

Thorsen Side Table

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This was my entry into an online contest over on Lumberjocks.com. I did pretty well but I think my photography skills let me down (they still have a long way to go.) This table is based on one in the Thorsen House, a home and furnishings designed by Greene and Greene. Some consider their designs to be the pinnacle of the Arts and Crafts Design movement, also know as Craftsman Style.
This piece is made of quarter-sawn oak with ebony plugs.

I may revisit this design in the future perhaps with a more accurate wood selection, mahogany.

Votive Candle Holder

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This is a very simple design and I have sold several versions in different wood species. The one pictured is made of Walnut from the Middle TN area. I had no sooner finished the project when a co-worker asked to purchase it. I have made several others for gifts. Availability is based on the availability of the votive candles. When I first started making these, I could find the candle easily. However, recently I have not been able to find the correct size candles. Stay tuned, as soon as I find another supply source, I will make a batch.